7 reviews for Threats to Peace & the Planet

  1. Jerry in Tucson, AZ

    I had the good fortune to attend the interview/discussion with Noam Chomsky that The Progressive sponsored in November in Tucson, Arizona. The auditorium was nearly full with progressives! It was a refreshing evening with thoughtful and respectful discussion of many of our world’s political and cultural challenges. Thanks to The Progressive for bringing this presentation to Tucson.

    Chomsky’s interviewer for the evening was David Barsamian, who did an excellent job of guiding the discussion. Barsamian’s interview with Chomsky, “Make Whatever Alliances You Can,” in the magazine’s December/January issue is a well-edited excerpt of a broad-reaching event that lasted over two hours. It’s not as good as having been there, but close.

  2. Yasuo in Yokohama, Japan

    I am so glad to hear Chomsky’s views thanks to your relentless efforts.

  3. David in Chicago

    I found the whole interview to be quite brilliant.

  4. Liz Martin (verified owner)

    I heard Threats to Peace and the Planet on WYSO 91.3 FM during Alternative Radio’s regularly scheduled weekly airtime hour which is Saturdays at 6:00am EST.
    It was the most compelling, thorough, and up-to-date Noam Chomsky talk I have heard to date. Not only does he explicitly state the stark (and sad) truth about US government and it’s poisonous malignancy to the world, he really emphasizes the critical need to focus on climate change. I could not agree more that the two worst and damaging things Trump has done were breaking the Iran nuclear weapons contract and withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. The human species should pay attention to these unfathomable threats and stop watching the circus go round and round.

  5. Gregory Sandoval

    As always, Noam Chomsky gives an unparalleled insight into the current socioeconomic conditions of our country and the effects on the world and planet. It is an alarm we should heed and address. I am grateful for A.R. and Mr. Barsamian bringing us these critical discussions in a time of major crisis.

  6. Jim Terr

    I have never heard Chomsky so lucid and accurate (in my opinion) about the political situation in the US and other topics. Also, I have never heard Chomsky so forgiving (as needed, in my opinion) on certain topics. Becoming less of an absolutist in his old age.

  7. Majid Azzedine

    A lucid conversation and a warning to all who are complacent and assume reason prevails. Chomsky is one of those voices that warn us to the millions and the few whose hatred or greed or lust for power follow blindly or consciously their leader’s propaganda.

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