10 reviews for Consequences of Capitalism

  1. Sherry in Idaho (verified owner)

    Ditto Bob Graef’s comment. Most Americans know so little about political history and how the system actually really works. It can seem overwhelming to think we could know, so many voices in the media and so much political howling. Someone with the vast depths of understanding as Norm Chomsky clears the air, cuts to the chase. What a great interview. Thank you!

  2. kevin kieswetter

    Sure, the environment is a cataclysm of future duress in the international community; ditto SARS and variants. But, containing an aggressive China bridled with
    Russia is a scary prospect for democracy.

  3. Betsy in Colorado

    Noam is amazing in his clear thinking and engagement, when most people his age are just sitting back and worrying about their aches and pains.

  4. Harvey Vlahos

    I echo the sentiments already expressed. But since Professor Chomsky is a professor of linguistics, I think he might appreciate a comment on a comment. In the comment “Once again, Professor Chomsky tells it like it is” I believe the proper phrase would be Tells it AS it is. Like is, similar to, not actually how it is.

    Think “It tastes like chicken” 🙂

    Harvey Vlahos
    Just a lone voice in the desert.

  5. Joe in New York

    I was hugely impressed by your broadcast interview with Noam Chomsky. David’s interview was full of insights and wise commentary — and chilling on how close we came to disaster if Trump had been reelected. Thanks!

  6. Jeffrey in WA

    Excellent interview! Noam is still amazing at 92. I really like the written transcripts.

  7. Patrick in CO

    Just caught you and Noam on KDNK. Always amazing. Great questions.

  8. Tom in CO

    Thanks for this very informative interview. Noam’s breadth of knowledge and clarity continue to be amazing!

  9. Chris Langlois

    I am definitely ordering the PDF.

  10. Bob Graef

    Once again, Professor Chomsky tells it like it is. He’s a genuine national treasure.

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