9 reviews for Chronicles of Dissent

  1. Co Listener

    I listened again to Noam. Better the second time. He pokes holes in mainstream thinking.

  2. Listener in NY

    Dear Mr. Barsamian, Thank you and Chomsky for your intelligent exchange, “Ukraine, Diplomacy has been ruled out.” I’m an artist living and working in New York. I’m not batso and would not contradict either of you. “I don’t know of a comparable example in the archival record of a call for mass genocide.” Will the archival record allow for Achilles son, Neoptolemus? He kills Priam and wants the equivalent of “terminal nuclear war.” Sophocles says he is “still young and inexperienced,” unlike our war criminals. Anti-hero Odysseus restrains the headstrong warrior, “You’re here to serve.” War is lust.

  3. Nevada Listener

    Thanks very much, David. This interview is a great education.

  4. Listener in OH

    “Chronicles of Dissent” with Noam Chomsky was a terrifically sweeping and yet also detailed interview. I love the way he casually drops his sources in the easy flow of his thinking.

  5. Felicite Chatel-Katz

    A brilliant analysis of the world’s biggest challenges based on a mountain of historical facts, critically studied and analyzed by a very sharp mind. This program blew me away. I will need to listen to it multiple times to capture all the evidence Noam Chomsky shares with us to denounce the flaws and shortcomings of our modern society, the ignorance and folly of our political leaders and the risks we face as a civilization.

  6. Tim Withee

    Don’t miss it. Professor Chomsky remains one of the clearest thinkers and sharpest analysts of our time.

  7. Nader Hashemi

    The world-renowned chronicler of dissent, David Barsamian, interviews Noam Chomsky on Ukraine, parallels with the Cold War and the U.S. propaganda system. Whether you agree or disagree with Professor Chomsky’s analysis, reading him always forces us to think critically and inspires us to act morally. A highly recommended interview.

    Nader Hashemi, University of Denver

  8. AR Listener

    Chomsky’s intellectual acumen and vitality at age 93 are truly astonishing. The interview deals with the Ukraine War and places it in the historical context of U.S. foreign policy, which usually involves sabotaging peace possibilities and promoting weapons production and warfare. Chomsky’s summary description of the Ukraine War is: “criminality and stupidity on the Kremlin side, severe provocation on the US side.”

    The interview is long but well worth the time required to read it.

  9. Arthur in Florida

    It’s a masterpiece, one of the best programs I have ever heard.

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