7 reviews for When Lunatics Run the Asylum

  1. AR Subscriber

    I thought your question to Chomsky about how he would update manufacturing consent was great. His answer was pretty funny when he was talking about TikTok. It’s interesting the people he plugs. It was also interesting when he spoke about how the people who listen to AR don’t listen to Breitbart and vice versa. When I periodically talk to my friends it is alarming how oblivious they are to some of these crucial First Amendment issues. They simply don’t understand what the fourth estate means and the Democrats are just giving it away. So when I listen to Noam berate the Republican Party, he fails to acknowledge that the Democratic Party is just as egregious, but for different nefarious reasons.

  2. Colorado Listener

    A very informative interview and confirmed a lot of what I already thought about the dual threats of the climate emergency and terminal nuclear war.

  3. Anon Ymous

    Thanks for the great job (again) interviewing Noam. Read it today in TomDispatch.
    You ask all the right questions; a rarity among interviews these days.

  4. jesse

    Heard on my local station (WYSO) and thought it was amazing. Love your work and wish you the best.

  5. Beckie

    Fantastic conversation. Will be sharing with my family and friends.

  6. Tim

    I loved it. I heard it on my npr, (wamc) where I was told I could get it free of charge. This should be heard by more people. Those folks Chomsky described as not reading newspapers…, Etc. I was/am trying to share it.

  7. Jessica Murphy


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