5 reviews for Local Governance

  1. Christopher M.

    Like Boulder, Pueblo is going through an interesting period with our electric utility provider. This episode has some fantastic ideas that I’m encouraging others in Pueblo to think about.

    We were totally bummed when KRCC dropped Alternative Radio!

  2. Dana Franchitto

    I like the idea of “community rights” but how effective will they be against the decrees of the TPP? Are communities strong enough to enforce their ordinances against corporate multi-nationals?
    I’m aware of the revolving door between government and industry but if we as a people held govt accountable for their actions it most likely would cease to function. After all, It’s a Federal government that enforces civil rights legislation, as well as the Marine Mammal Protection Act.Were it not for the Federal Govt. ,the National ark System would have been commodified and divvied up as market commodities rather than protected as sacred spaces.

  3. Randy Burdixk

    This was so in powering to hear of something like this and that it’s possible to be a part of CHANGE. We have a government that’s no longer for the people by the people. It’s all about big money, corporations and shareholders scrwing the people. We have a government that is broken on all sides and we the people need to take it back for ourselves as well as for our children’s future.

  4. Donna Lawson

    I love your show and listen whenever I am at home…last night you had a speaker, Paul Cienfuegos, who delivered a new concept people are more powerful than politician’s, unfair laws and corportocracys’s period… And as if hearing him deliver this message is not enough he goes on to instruct his audience how to effectively change the the scenarios we now use of petitioning the powers that be to not destroy your homes and communities. He empowers communities to take control and legally enact laws that make communities liveable and cities safe… I like this approach … As I see it it is the only way lasting satisfactory changes will be made.

  5. Gale Ridge

    As paul said so susinctly, “our minds have been colonized.” The last great frontier are our wills & corporations are tap dancing all over us. It is refreshing to listen to a voice of pragmatic courage and a leader who offers us hope. One thought. If everyone decided not to buy Christmas presents this year and turned Christmas into a festival of Thanksgiving which it should be, I fully expect corporations would blame us for causing a disastrous Christmas, It would drive home the message that enough is enough. No gifts at Christmas, just family and community cheer and feasting, what a wonderful idea.

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