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  1. Carolyn Parker

    So wonderful to listen to a voice that speaks from the union of the mind and the heart. Since the war declaration in the Middle East ( Bush 1), then by his son “W” in Iraq & Afghanistan my heart has grieved for the destruction of life of the innocents. The argument is, and has been made, that innocents have always been a casualty of war….Yes this is true !!!! However, I choose to not focus on what was, instead, on what IS. I am appalled by the use of drones by President Obama, I supported him in 2008, due to his promise of CHANGE. I now have a deeper understanding of the variations of directions under the use of the word CHANGE. Our military actions create international reaction/s. We respond with verbal statements of indignation about the Islamic military groups, without acknowledgement of our role in what is playing out @ this time.

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