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  1. Mike

    I want to add. Mitch McConnell’s wife (Current Secretary of Transportation) is Asian. Michael Steele is black. So is Tim Scott. There are black, asian, latino republicans. There’s a heavy effort to influence republican latinos in Florida. There are gay republicans (Log Cabin).

    Clarence Thomas is Republican, as is Amy Coney Barrett. She has black children (adopted).

    Fox News is full of female republicans.

    The republican party does not have to look like a “white sale”. It doesn’t have to look like a men’s club.

    So, why then does it?

    I’m guessing it has something to do with messaging – from the top.

    It doesn’t have to be the Last Stand, the Great White Hope.

    The whole “us vs them” thing could be a lot more even handed than it is.

    Sure, the Democratic Party is more diverse. Rather than diminishing numbers and influence, they could easily tailor their message to a more diverse audience.

    Perhaps in the future they will.

  2. Mike

    My brother informs me that he’s never had to introduce himself by announcing that he’s black. He, my sisters and I, with the exception of one, look more white than black. I’ve had people speak disparagingly (“N”-word” in front of me, presuming that I’m white, or not caring if I wasn’t. I’ve had black people surprised to find that I identify as black. Then I show them my family portrait. I’ve been told, “For a n****r I’m not so dumb”. I’ve been told, “I don’t look black, but don’t act white”. So, my brother may never have had to inform people of the fact. I have had a very different experience. I tell them I trace my roots back to Europe as well as Africa. I’m reminded of the fact that both my parents identified as “Negro” on my birth certificate. That before that, we were “colored”. And since then “black”, “Afro-American”, “African American” and now “multi-racial”. It’s been a moving target.

    Regardless. America writ large still has a problem seeing “non-whites” as human, of seeing “indigenous” people having rights that were inherent before the Pilgrims landed. They inform the rest of us that our contributions to the progress and existence of America must’ve been minuscule in comparison to their own. Tell that to Katharine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. Tell that to Henrietta Lacks or Harriet Tubman. Tell that to Mary Ellen Pleasant or Bryan Stevenson or Jesse Owens or Joe Louis, the Tuskeegee Airmen, the Navajo code talkers, Jim Thorpe. Ever heard of the San Patricio Brigade? Neither had I until my mid 50’s. So much for the American educational system.

    When will America recognize the humanity of blacks in America with the same unequivocal affirmation they give to “Superman”, “Tarzan”, “John Wayne” (“Marion), “John Glenn” (who reportedly relied on the help of one Katharine Johnson for his successful endeavor). Kamala Harris, a member of the nine, with a beautiful smile, and an intellect to match has been called a “monster” by someone who doesn’t read, wouldn’t know a book if it bit him. He who has devastated the country in 4 years in ways unimaginable and expected, enjoys 40 percent of the voting population’s popularity. White “fragility”. How about white diminishing influence? How about a republican side of the aisle that looks like a white sale while the democratic side of the aisle looks more like a tapestry accurately reflecting the diversity of America?

    I am everything I’ve described myself as. Since the day I was born. If I am a victim of “White fragility”, how do I explain that to myself?

  3. J.M. Ker in Toronto

    I heard Robin DiAngelo lecturing about her book White Fragility on David Barsamian’s Alternative Radio program on CIUT in Toronto and it made a huge impression—totally convincing. David sent the program transcript which I can’t stop sharing with people.

  4. Mary Ogle

    I seem to want all persons to be valued, especially by myself. But, I can be perfectly obtuse of my own judgements and rationales. My racism comes in when I have prejudices about skin color, speech, behaviors, even values about persons, even though I have no actual reason or experiences for these prejudices. SO, THIS AUTHOR Robin DiAngelo, whose interview I just recently listened to, has shown me a new way to help myself be more successful in recognizing my prejudices and their origins. Here is to me continuing to learn and improve myself. Thank you to Ms. DiAngelo, and to Mr. Barsamian and Alternative Radio. My husband also loved this interview, and he sends his thanks as well. Our Episcopal Church in Los Alamos, NM, is beginning a group to discuss racism and its consequences, and our own issues around racism.

  5. Lara in MA

    Robin DiAngelo was an amazing broadcast and I want to use it with my child and my husband wants to use it for his college.

  6. Patrick Hunter

    In our evolution, our response to “other” could make the difference between life or death. Slavery in the United States was the driving economic force in the early years. Subjugation of fellow human beings does not come without a price. “We” rationalized that “they” were essentially inferior, making us automatically superior. The US is unique in having so many cultures trying to coexist. It works, as long as our “better angels” have the upper hand.

  7. William E Ross

    Among other very important things she talks about is this is hard work, and it’s never done! That’s one of the hard lessons I have to learn…..I want it to be done! I appreciate Robin DiAngelo for challenging me to think more deeply, and to work/learn how to dismantle systemic racism. I have a lot to learn, and she is so good at teaching. Thank you AR for challenging us to be better human beings!

  8. Suzanne in NY

    She uses a baseball bat sometimes but honestly, it is refreshing – because our defenses are so strong – plus we New Yorkers can take it.

  9. William Delzell

    I enjoy your program very much. As a white male Southeasterner, I find your frank discussions on whiteness quite informative.

  10. willmadillo

    This program put into focus feelings that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time and made them clear at last! This was definitely one of my favorite all-time broadcasts! Thank you so much!

  11. Jerry

    Had fun with this talk, being that I am of a mixed race. My Dad is a Mohawk native whose great grandfather was a black slave and my Mom English descent. I grew up in a white Italian neighborhood. I was bullied and they attempted to drown me twice. But I am still very empathetic and learned to enjoy all races. A family from India hired me at 14 part-time to work twice a week in their store and they all treated me like family.

  12. M@

    This was awesome!

    I’ve been openly admitting I’m racist for quite some time — much as a pig farmer does not think they smell because of the environment they are constantly in, an American can not detect their own racism as a product of a racist society.

    Thank you for explaining this even better!

  13. J.M. in Toronto

    My very limited consciousness was given an injection yesterday by Robin DiAngelo on AR. May you thrive!

  14. Parabacchus

    Very disappointing in it’s limited scope: ONE. There was no indication (or awareness?) of the pervasiveness of this (non- biological) socio-political Ideology throughout this ENTIRE culture, in both the privileged AND the unprivileged — that is, the “carefully TAUGHT” racism internalized in both “White” people and in “non- White” peoples (consider eye- straightening /skin-bleaching/hairs straightening). TWO….Nor was there a mention (or awareness?) of it’s origin and history : Europeans didn’t call themselves “White People” before the 1600’s, and the word “race” was not even coined before a century earlier….. The Age of Exploration /Exploitation….(Mercantilism/Capitalism). THREE…. Besides “how did we get here”, I did not hear a mention of even the question of “where do we go from here”. To change a habit, or one’s consciousness, or a paradigm ” Mea Culpa” can only go so far.

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