4 reviews for Distress Signals from Earth

  1. john

    far too many people have no knowledge of weaponised weather systems….the deliberate systematic alteration of our climate, to bring about a desired result…mother nature has a competitor lately, toying with the climate!! CHECK OUT ‘GEOENGINEERING WATCH.COM….if you really are serious about debating the alleged warming trends.

  2. Claire

    Paul Ehrlich gifts us with the crystal-clear dire truth of what we are REALLY doing to our planet, ourselves and the power to reverse at least some of it. Masterly presented, with so much life, to serve and protect dear Life. We can’t afford to day dream anymore, Life calls us to come together and do the work now, before it’s too late. For us “and the next seven generations”. The Thirteen Grandmothers got it too, through their own channels.

  3. laura stutz

    Everyone teens to adults in this country need to get out of themselves for 1 hour and listen to this man. It will change your perspective on life in this day and age, there is nothing like having what you think is a reality turn into what is reality. Wake up people.

  4. N. Sewell

    How one person can have so much information in their head is astounding. His presentation is very precise and interesting. It made me want to hear more. I’m left wondering what can one ordinary person do to help.

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