5 reviews for The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

  1. jewel autograph

    Doesn’t Johan Galtung’s world overview of United States politics, culture, religious, economics speak truth on many levels and aspects? On a personal level, what are we contributing to the deficiencies or solutions Galtung outlined, beginning with our own thoughts, words and deeds?

  2. Judith Morrow

    Inspiring, in a humous way expands the concert of colonialism to Empire and how these work to overtake us.

  3. Jess

    Yes, thank you, for Johan Galtung.

  4. From a listener in Northern California

    Thank you for Johan Galtung.

  5. Susan

    Thank you so much for airing his talk on KPFK. His words 20 years ago are timeless. I thought he was speaking now until I heard reference to the President. He is so clear, concise and easy to comprehend. I only wish I had heard him sooner.

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