9 reviews for Stopping Fascism

  1. Dave

    Has to be one of the most singularly powerful potent required listening pieces ever.

  2. Ginny

    Chis Hedges essay aired yesterday was DYNAMITE !! One of the best comments on our country and the issues… and should be heard by MANY PEOPLE. I will spread the word.

  3. Laura Bryant

    This was the best though out, researched and complete analysis of our current conditions as I have ever heard! As an African American, I can appreciate your view on Nationalism, and how a concerted and carefully orchestrated plan it was to demonize us and promote racism. Thank you. .now I know I’m not crazy for seeing this as the conspiracy it was, and continues to be.

  4. PJ Newman

    It was like listening to someone reading an indictment to the ruling class. The only thing missing was hearing Bruce Cockburn sing “Call It Democracy” at either end. Made me mad, afraid, anxious, hopeful.

  5. Tanya Crocker

    Like rain on the desert, we are in need of these wise words, the guts to say them and the intelligence to take action. Thank you for sharing this role model of an American citizen, he is my hero.

  6. Jonathan Allen

    Dr. Hedges’ deconstruction of our current, aggregately lunar landscape, inhabiting the political and cultural spheres, as well as the space between, is as cogent as his range of of historical analogies is compelling …and hardly less cogent. (As he said so eloquently, it’s vitally necessary to remember, vigilantly, that sheer stupidity is a necessary component of evil, not least on this scale. As in, Not just an incidental byproduct.)
    His evocation of the traditional prophetic role of the Black American church, and, only that little bit more implicitly, of the Old Testament prophets, are no less so. (Yeah, along with Niebuhr and Tillich.) Not to mention the critical caveat that, along with them, we are called upon to bear witness to what is happening, that independently of net, never mind immediate effect.
    This is The Best of a Lot of really good things I’ve heard on this show. Hedges is, at the least, the moral equivalent of a national treasure.

  7. Lilka

    Thank You David Barsamnian, AR.:grinning:

  8. andy cottrell

    Listening to Chris Hedges stirred my heart. Years of tiny points of opposition are having an effect, he says. So glad to hear that so well underlined. Thank you Chris Hedges. My end run on society continues.

  9. w p wilkinson

    It was as though Mr. Hedges was reading my mind as script for his speech; as he spoke I was shouting ‘Yes’! Yes”! Yes’!; at last someone has used a voice larger than mine to warn of the danger in our midst.

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