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  1. F Kennedy

    This “podcast” needs to move into the 21st century and quit relying on “radio” and extremely high $5 per hour billings.

    If you want to spread the left wing story, why all the huge Profit Seeking gouging of the customers?

  2. jay

    Hedges is every bit a participant in the institutions and practices he rails against. His rants are all “holier than thou” utopian rhetoric. He proposes no materially constructive and realistic solutions to the world’s injustices and imperfections.
    His rants would indicate him to be a bitter and damaged person who seeks to foist his personal distress on humanity.

  3. Jim Terr

    A bleak look at where we (and the rest of the world) are going, but a thoughtful plea to work on it anyway.

  4. Thomas Zaslavsky

    This is the best I’ve heard from Chris Hedges. He’s been excellent in the past but this distills all his virtues of knowledge, intelligent observation, realism, empathy, insight, and explanation.

  5. Amy Campbell

    I heard this interview today while working at my local community radio station here in Bend OR, we air Alternative Radio weekly.
    I found this to be moving and motivating, I’m not willing to stop fighting injustice in all its forms even if all I have is my voice and vote, I feel encouraged to continue today. Thank you!

  6. Justine Kowinsky

    I was flipping through channels on my car radio and came across this interview. (A 1st timer to alternative radio.) I listened to the entire program with my jaw open. A day later, I find myself still thinking of the content which was intelligent, honest, and bone-chilling. Is there anything that can be done to stop this ominous trajectory? I will be reading your booms, Mr. Hedges, and talking with my teens about this. Also, a very impressive literary knowledge of many applicable quotes to the theme. Great interview! I will be purchasing the transcript. May Humanity Prevail!

  7. Ken Warfield

    Chris Hedges is the proverbial canary in the coal mine and not Chicken Little yelling the sky is falling… He is the real deal and people in the US and around the world need to wake up to this 1%’er’s charade or we will see the destruction of mankind in our generation! Capitalism is cannibalizing itself at the perils of the middle class and the working poor.

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