12 reviews for Trump & the Christian Right

  1. Laura Armitage

    Thank you! I needed that. Now my head doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode whenever I realize that Trump has many supporters, and many of them profess to be followers of Christ! Incredulity is a feeling I’m tired of. Now the trick is not responding in kind, but in love and compassion.

  2. Betty Silberman

    Chris Hedges is one of the best apeakers around. His lectures are always to the point, based on fact, and very interesting. I wish we had more people like him, to offset the current flood of misguided Americans, who’ve had their minds hijacked by right wing maniacs.

  3. wendy peach

    I was shocked and scared after hearing this report. I think we are all doomed by this small group of very sick people.

  4. jriddick

    So absolutely and sadly correct. Chris Hedges is such a credible and brave voice that is MUCH needed. So grateful to AR for all the good work continuing.



  5. Elaine Cimino (verified owner)

    The best solution to pulling people away from the fascism of the Christian Right that is the reaction to neoliberalism and oligarchy is to provide living wages, free healthcare, and education. Hedges explains it well.

  6. Denise Cupps

    5 stars. A clear explanation as to why Trump has chosen people for his cabinet that are so inexperienced and why he can do anything and everything against Christian principles and be supported and loved by these people. Also, why Trump loves the uneducated.

  7. John Mitchell

    I have been looking for a similar voice and I have heard it with him. I have also watched the Christian right and their love affair with Trump.

  8. John P Ayala

    This is the most succinct and powerful analysis of Trump’s reciprocal relationship with the Christian right I’ve heard to date. I’d like to shout it from the mountaintops! I love that the prescription for mitigation of blind subscription to fallacious reality is simply to provide good government policy.


    Eyes and ears opener.

  10. Carol Newman

    Extraordinary unmasking of the current situation including detailed specifics. I was riveted. And I thought I was already knowledgeable.

  11. Cathy Seitz

    Yay to Chris Hedges for directly confronting those who have taken what should be a religion of peace, tolerance, and sensitivity for women and the downtrodden, and interpreting it as a religion upholding violence, intolerance, and oppression. He calls us to wake up and speak up. He points out how important it is for people to hear about the pitfalls of some branches of Christianity, instead of being polite about them as spiritual systems. As a mental health worker, I can say that some mainstream churches cross into the area of abuse or cultism in actual practice, regardless of the goodness of their individual followers. Hedges points out that the percentage of the American public who are involved is sobering, but we can turn that around by reaching out, educating, and setting better examples.

  12. Ellen

    Eloquent and straight to the point. Mr Hedges explains it well.

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