15 reviews for American Sadism

  1. Jesse

    Listening to these speeches is the only thing that makes me feel grounded and present in our current political discourses.
    I hope we can all collectively lift up this man and his work to even greater heights.

  2. Scotto

    I disagree with many but certainly not all of his statements and position, but I can’t stop listening to his talks. He is well educated and is addicting for sure.

  3. Michael Savwoir

    Chris Hedges is an American treasure.

  4. Sharon Conroy

    Today, while I was running errands, I caught Chris Hedges talk on American Sadism. As often happens, the universe put me in my car just when 90.1 had a program on that I would enjoy and benefit from hearing! I’d planned to send 12 friends around the country greetings for 2022 along with the CD of another talk I’d recently enjoyed on 90.1. But, when Chris Hedges had finished his talk, I immediately decided to send American Sadism instead which I trust they will share with other like minded friends. This talk is really special and right on target! It’s so good to hear Chris Hedges brilliantly articulate what I’ve been feeling. Now, to the international website he referenced- Extinction Rebellion!

  5. Vivi

    I turned up the radio, opened all the windows and hopefully my bourgeois pseudo-woke neighbours heard every word.

  6. Howad in Ohio

    Chris Hedges on “American Sadism” was very up to his high standard in Troy recently. The Pandemic hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

  7. Hugh in Maine

    I caught Chris H’s latest and I have to say, if you want the BASIS of reality, he is unmatched. I started off over a decade ago with his “On Imperium” (close as I can remember). Brilliant guy. Interestingly (this is actually nonsense), I was working on one of my “Personal Broadsides” which I send to my children and others so they can role their eyes. Subject: “Americans are in love with death.” Chris makes me sound like an over-heated fool.

  8. John Morris

    I’m a couple of years older than Chris Hedges, and was a ‘D”s & “F”‘s a student in jr. high and mostly “C”‘s & “D”‘s in high school. Never married, non-combat Vietnam war vet. I’ve read All of his bookwork (several more than once) & much of his Truthdig rantings & I AGREE with him! Hedges latest rant certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. [edited for brevity and clarity]

  9. Susie in Petaluma, CA

    Thank you for such an excellent program. I was riveted to the radio the entire time. Chris Hedges speaks truth and a worldview that I can really relate to.

  10. Nasir Mahmood

    Such a true analysis of the international abuse and exploitation of humanity that is based on greed. Bravo Mr. Hedges for your courage. Keep up the good work and hope enough people realize the harsh facts.

  11. Will bullis

    Just happened to hear this broadcast while in the car for a few minutes. I stopped and listened to it all. Here is someone articulating what I have long said. I thought I was alone until tonight. If only more people could see what is wrong with our country and the world.

  12. Kenneth Prendergast (verified owner)

    The industrial revolution, corporate greed and the military industrial complex are just a few of the topics Chris has touched on. The sadistic destruction of people through history is so spot on it’s scary. His voice is a beacon of light for change.

  13. Maura DeNuccio

    So on the spot. Frightening. I’ve been speaking about Capitalism’s evils for so long. Thank you for speaking up Chris. What do we do now?

  14. Linda Aywaz

    It’s great to have people like you who have courage.

  15. William Carter (verified owner)

    Brutally accurate.

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