3 reviews for Roe v. Wade & the Supreme Court

  1. Victoria Alexander

    Her talk brings clarity about the evolution of wedges in abortion rights.

  2. Liz Martin

    Professor Jennifer Hendricks explains the clear reality that Roe v. Wade is dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. In her thorough historical overview and timeline summary of abortion rights (reproductive rights, marriage and family rights) in the US, Jennifer translates what has become loud rhetoric from pro-lifers into factual impending women’s and human rights atrocities doom. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, they should also prohibit any medical science advancements and practices if they were invented after the 16th century. Legal abortion in 1973 gave me the right to my life. Raised as female property, paralyzing trauma rendered me pregnant at 17 with the right to an abortion instead of psychological suicide. Environmental biology, social psychology, 65 years experience in reality make me a young research scientist. Alternative Radio has been my catalyst. I stand for Roe v. Wade. Thank you Jennifer Hendricks.

  3. Janelle Davidson

    An easily understood speaker with precise facts, including historical points I’d never known before, an easy to follow summary, and overall an excellent presentation. I hope to get a copy of this to share.

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