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  1. Jonathan Allen

    Holt-Gimenez’s talk begins with a historical gestalt that made my synapses light up like a switchboard.
    Ever wonder how ‘colonialism’ morphed into ‘industrialism’? Well, weak as I am in modern history, I have. Then Holt-Gimenez’s opening citation and explication of the Irish Potato Famine landed on me. As of the mid-19th-century, the same, irreducibly plutocratic and racist interests were fluent in both practices.
    Which (to wallow in the now-obvious) is the historical backdrop for the more recent phenomenon, of old-fashioned industrialism being neocolonistically exported to the Third World. …Even while the prevailing economic model of the Third World, in terms of its attendant economic demographics (minus industrialism, our duly esteemed head of state notwithstanding), is being imported all its way back to its countries of origin.
    If you have the money, buy the book!

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