3 reviews for The Anguish in the American Dream

  1. C Marin

    I turned my radio on half way into Mr Jensen’s exposition, and while listening to him my mind helplessly wandered back in time to my college days, where critical thinking was a way to question reality and a mean to understand our societal problems, not as an excuse used by the powers to be to prosecute free thinking. Mr Jensen’s discourse was a delightful and articulated intellectual exercise rarely seen even inside the academic speech. His knife cutting yet amusing way to present intelligent thinking made it a delectable dessert to the mind. His style was stimulating and reassuring. I even found it motivational. I applaud Professor Jensen’s exposition. It was an throat cutting, incisive, yet chivalrous and elegant example of what the radical thinking should be.

  2. camille

    The way in which this was written, was so fluid and easy to listen to. Mr. Jensen has put to words an idea that has fluttered into my mind over the years, but I was not able to articulate and so when listening to this broadcast, I was more than thrilled to hear him so eloquently articulate exactly what I believe to be the truth. Well done. Great speaking voice too!

  3. Paul Thomas

    While I believe this monologue would find a broader, sympathetic audience if it didn’t tilt left to the extent it does, Mr/Dr/Prof Jensen’s wholly logical analysis is fearless, radical and terribly important. Even if you disagree with 11% of what he submits, or 99% of it, it’s still well worth your time to listen to, without distraction. It’s dense. In a good way.

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