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  1. Paulette Frederick

    Brian Jones should be canonized the Patron Saint of Public Education. His clearly thought out analysis of the degradation of the great American school system puts in concise, determined and beautiful language, many of the same conclusions that I have come to after having spent 33 years as an activist public school teacher.
    His engaging and wide encompassing speech, Education: Separate and Unequal, brought me to cheers and tears and renewed my resolve to do something about the mess in which we find our public schools.
    Mr. Jones possesses a particular genius for exposing the push toward the ‘privatization of everything’ that is rapidly seeping into the public education sector. He explains, with sharp instincts, how it is all connected with taking power from the people and giving huge profits to the corporate masters. He melds these perceptions together with his observations of how disguised racist and class warfare policies diabolically pervert the authentic model and purpose of public education.
    Allow me to take this opportunity to suggest that interested readers pick up a copy of THE DEATH AND LIFE OF THE GREAT AMERICAN SCHOOL SYSTEM by Diane Ravitch. If you appreciate Brian Jones, you’ll surely appreciate Diane Ravitch.
    From now on when I am asked with whom I would most like to have dinner, with no hesitation, my answer will be threefold: “Brian Jones, Diane Ravitch and Cornel West.”
    Paulette Frederick
    Hollidaysburg, PA

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