5 reviews for Modi, Hindutva & Kashmir

  1. From John in Canada

    Thanks David. I was not sufficiently aware of what’s happening in Kashmir.

  2. From a listener in New York

    Thank you for your interview with Mohamad Junaid on Modi, Hindutva & Kashmir. It expanded my view of the machinations of settler-colonialism, and the international character of imperialism, especially along “religious” lines.

  3. Rafiq Kathwari

    I read Junaid’s interview and highlighted many perceptive comments, particularly about how the Hindutva ideology is using hatred to try to keep India united, I remembered: “Coerced unification of opinion leads only to the unanimity of the graveyard.” Justice Robert Jackson, chief lawyer at the Nuremberg Trials.

  4. From a listener in New York

    I listened to Mohamad Junaid on WBAI New York today. Your discussion of the situation in Kashmir was unusually insightful and clear. Thank you.

  5. From a listener in OR

    The interview with Mohamad Junaid was excellent and, as usual (not fawning here, I promise), I learned as much from your questions as from his answers—you always prepare so well for these sessions. He mentioned twice the part of Hindutva philosophy: that of Hindus playing the victim while confident in their superiority. I never knew that and it certainly helps explain Hindu nationalists’ close ties with Zionist Israel. I also appreciate Mohamad’s optimism and persistent call for continued resistance.
    Thanks again.

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