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  1. Colorado Listener

    Many heroes have fought and died in the struggle to free Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh from India’s iron fist. Sanjay Kak fearlessly battles this brutal occupation through his journalism and award-winning filmmaking. In this wonderfully wide-ranging and articulate interview with David Barsamian (himself incredibly knowledgeable about the situation), Kak outlines the history and increasingly deep tragedy of illegal control, militarization and assaults on free expression, peaceful assembly and basic human rights. The once autonomous region may seem obscure to many in the West, but as this revealing, energetic conversation reminds us, the violation of the sovereignty of any people anywhere defiles all people everywhere.

  2. Listener PA

    Sanjay Kak is one of the best-informed and most eloquent commentators on the geo-political crisis that is Kashmir. David Barsamian leads him into a powerful discussion of Kashmir, the impact of Hindutva (Hindu supremacist) politics, and the challenges of daily life for Kashmiris. There is much to learn here, and even more to think about. The implications of this discussion radiate outwards to ask us to think about the world’s most militarized zone, squeezed between three nuclear powers.

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