2 reviews for The Radical Leap

  1. Elaine Bolton

    Thank you for broadcasting Naomi’s lecture. I am a better person, for listening. I wish she was going to be the new president.

    Please don’t stop, thinking, speaking, and problem solving, Naomi. The world needs the light that you shine on these immediate situational dangers. I will definitely be spreading the word about The LEAP program.

    Unfortunately there was a glitch in the broadcasting, during the solution portion of the program. I would love to listen to that part, and indeed the whole lecture, again.

    Thank you all for the work you do, and the voices you share.
    This was an excellent and very important program. 5 stars, from me.

    Elaine Bolton

  2. Dahlia Cummings

    This talk is real, empowering, informative, practical, insightful and broadly interconnecting the many important movements of our time. A good one to pass on to everyone who wants humanity to thrive on planet earth!

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