8 reviews for Holocausts: An Historical Reckoning

  1. From Tom in Colorado

    Naomi Klein gives a bold and brilliant talk. She argues that the Nazi Holocaust, though deeply abhorrent, was not a unique event. The settler colonialism practiced by European societies entailed the forcible elimination of indigenous populations and hence a series of holocausts. The Nazi Holocaust involved the application of these long-standing genocidal policies to a European population. Thus it was not really a grotesque departure from European and North American culture, but rather a special continuation of its venerable colonial practices. Klein provides important new insights about how to think about the Nazi Holocaust, how it relates to Zionism, and how it connects to the ongoing Gaza genocide.

  2. William H Dentzel

    Thank you Naomi, Feels so good to hear a recap of a long cultivated disconnect that some of us knew but could never quite feel able to share with everyone in a way that could be fully appreciated. You knit it all together in a beautifully done yet terrifying tapestry of truth that I will immediately share with my millennial children. May homo colossus please one day find peace while still a guest on this planet Earth!

  3. Louie Z

    I had never before understood that the genocide in Germany in the 1940s was a holocaust, not The Holocaust. Naomi Klein has once again opened my eyes to the greater historical context.

  4. From a professor at the University of Colorado

    I love Klein. She’s a real hero. I use her work in my classes.

  5. From a listener in California

    A great talk by Naomi Klein.

  6. From Elizabeth in CT (verified owner)

    I was thrilled with today’s program, “The Holocausts” with Naomi Klein. I loved that she told the students that their taking care of one another is the new resistance! Despite all the well-orchestrated hasbara, Israeli propaganda, many of us are very proud of our young people, led by young Palestinians!

  7. dan raphael

    Naomi is so precise and powerful with her language, her knowledge of history and the ability to see the patterns. I learned so much in less than an hour.

  8. Ivy Lobato

    This is an excellent, eye-opening and thought-provoking speech with some hope for our children’s future at the end.

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