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  1. Carolyn

    Recorded in Alberta, Canada, shortly after Trump’s election, this address by Korten was fresh and moving to me in August 2017. I applaud his assertion that we need a new enlightenment in which our considerable talents and abilities can be focused on human life and that of the rest of the planet. I hope the 400 students in the audience were as moved as I was and have begun to act in building this new world.

    It sure seems more inspiring than getting either political party to step up to the change we need today.

  2. Antonio

    I listened on the radio to this program. It is very eloquent description of the desperate situation we find ourselves vis a vis the environment. But it incorporates many aspects of our social, historical and political life. Not only where we are but how got to be here. I immediately purchased the program to share with others, those who think alike and those who do not. Thank you, David Barsamian.

  3. Mark Hunziker

    We are in a race which will determine human survival. The two polarities at odds are our collective ignorance and arrogance vs. our other ability(to think critically) when recognizing our direct connection to Universal Laws – like the Law of Cause and Effect. This realm and its superior Intelligence will vet a winner and it won’t be that membership lot of the ignorant and arrogant.

    David Korten’s critical analysis is better than a guess about what our species is trading as we put money ahead of community. A key is to how we transition from the unsustainable to the sustainable…, that is, if we see that bigger picture.

  4. Lisa Bøhm

    As always, extremely interesting program. I will definitely be reading his books! Thanks for your programs!

  5. michael verne

    I will be ordering a CD of his talk and sharing it with people who can appreciate his message.

  6. Rick Casey

    I have followed Korten closely since discovering his amazing book “The Great Turning” in 2009. This talk represents his vision for the potential of humanity beyond that book, and motivates me to read his latest book, “Change The Story, Change The Future”. Korten is, quite simply, the visionary that we need to inspire the world to change — radically. This talk, which may leave some wondering about lesser topics such as “Gee, is this politically feasible?”, which was illustrated by some the questions asked by the college students, goes to heart of what is wrong with our globalized, corporatized world. Everyone should listen, and then get busy by getting involved in the transformation he so accurately describes needs, and indeed is, happening. He is not politically plugged in, but that is where all of us need to start helping implement this vision in your local politics, whereever you are.

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