1 review for The Other September 11: Chile, 1973

  1. Ruth Strauss

    A riveting expose by Peter Kornbluh. He “blows the CIA and Henry Kissinger out of the water” (to use a harsh but appropriate analogy) regarding their coverup of the Chilean massacre and victims’ stories from that time of the assassination of Allende and Pinochet takeover. It is even more remarkable that Kornbluh is a National Security archivist and analyst, bravely willing to have made this important, superbly crafted and easily accessible talk about his findings. At the end of just that one hour, not only do you have a concise example of the horrors of Henry Kissinger’s and the CIA’s policies in action, but also the deception and coverup by both. Kornbluh also exposes how our “papers of record” act like stenographers at times instead of dong their own independent research. It is absolutely jaw-dropping that the Nobel Committee awarded Kissinger the Peace Prize (as with Barack Obama as well)–what were they smoking? Though the talk was given in September 2002, it is just as relevant and important in 2023 as it was then, perhaps even more so, as we can concentrate on that incident, rather than still be in the shadow of September 11,2001. This important talk is”Not to be missed”!

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