11 reviews for Arms Race = Suicide Race

  1. Samir Wahid

    What a good summary. Thanks for bringing this to the airwaves and media. Thank you for a job well done..

  2. From a listener in California

    This arms race lecture was just haunting, debilitating even. But quite good, nonetheless. LOVED that you inserted “Howl” to help boneheads like me. But heartbreaking.

  3. Koohan Paik-Mander

    What creative editing! I loved the insertion of the ORIGINAL recitation of Howl by Ginsberg! Fantastic!
    Thank you for a job well done.


    Tremendous awareness of military’s huge footprint, tech-print and overall disruption of ecosystems. We are implementing as Koohan designates, ‘Smart Sea, Air, and Land’ as we embrace and fund developed EW (Electronic Warfare). She sings an old pacifist song. But Ignorance with Rage knows not. American ignorance, Chinese ignorance, North Korea ignorance, but all with the smarts to win. Most people all over this world are survival-wired in fear. So, what about trust and symbiosis? They, with the fastest missile wins…wins what? They, with the most advanced AI will overwhelm. The US ‘delusion’ in defending or “winning’ is also China, Russia, North Korea, and any other upstart nation’s equal “delusion.” This is not a US Problem it is the Human problem that Lewis Mumford called Insanity in books past. The real question is how to stop bullies and aggression and the parts of human nature that contain this?

  5. listener in Albuquerque

    I heard on KUNM a remarkable summary of U.S. military activities in the Pacific Ocean and the effect on whales. The speaker, Koohan Paik-Mander, was outstanding. Thank you.

  6. Toronto area listener

    Thank you for recommending this broadcast. I came in from doing yard work so I would not miss it. We have known about the threat to ocean life for some time but I was not aware, or ready to accept, the sheer extent of the all-encompassing global web that she described. Every year we hear that the US military has been allotted more money than has been asked for! The reality is so far beyond Stanley Kubrick’s movie Dr. Strangelove that it defies comprehension.

  7. Jeff Gerrior

    My morning ritual was turned upside down as I sat transfixed by Ms. Paik-Mander’s sobering revelations and prescient warnings. I am still buzzing many hours later as I wonder what I could do to help reverse the course of what appears inevitable to our world and its people. Probably very little, but I’m heartened to have discovered this bold revolutionary and her mission to do something in the face of such utter madness.

  8. Ron Solomon

    Totally agree with the 3 previous reviews. A fantastic job of pulling together all these inter-related issues that as she said, are completely ignored by the mainstream media. And to think that Donald Trump can convince a large chunk of the American people that all we have is fake news, but from the totally opposite perspective!

  9. Doriane Regalia

    All Americans need to listen to this warning and move forward with this information to force our politicians, government and military to stand down in every way possible as urgently as possible.

  10. Henry in CO

    What a good summary of the annihilation facing us. Thanks for bringing this to the airwaves and media.

  11. Jerry Markatos

    Wow… Koohan Paik-Mander hand in hand with Allen Ginsberg… powerful radio, alongside Ginsberg’s Moloch as passionate warning!

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