6 reviews for Knowing Who You Are: Lessons from Native America

  1. From a listener in Thailand

    Loved loved loved Russell Means. Amazing how it is still so relevant.

  2. Listener

    Listening now to Russell Means and really enjoying it! Thank you for your amazing work.

  3. Dinah Mellin

    I was listening to this broadcast and was touched by the history of the indigenous women and how they had an influence on what might be going on around their clan. Also, that when it was the full moon the women went off together to deal with their monthly menstrual cycle, leaving the men with the children, etc. I must share this on our WOMR International Women’s Day FB page.

  4. Jane

    500 years ago, the United Kingdom shipped convoys of felons to America as a form of punishment. They were allowed to return after 14 years.
    The convicts, both men, and women were poor, uneducated, Protestant, and unwilling to mix with the people already living in America.
    Their intolerance has meant death in America and the World.

  5. Matthew Evans

    Crucial story telling for Turtle Island and The World. Seeds for a New People’s understanding…

  6. carol lee

    Russell Means was a tireless activist for indigenous peoples and educator for us all.

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