7 reviews for Mobilizing People

  1. David Ross

    Love your program. Keep it up.

  2. Benno in MA

    Overall, a good interview summarizing his current and historical positions. How could one not consider him a brilliant advocate for progressive change?

    I’m glad you brought up the Powell Memorandum. I disagree with his lack of appreciation for its importance. Its corrosive influence on democratic institutions cannot be overstated, having been a pivotal “call to arms,” responded to and embraced by the Kochs, et al. Having created and supported think tanks, university departments, curriculum, publications, the Federalist Society etc, for 50 years, the Kochs have orchestrated an interwoven assault on democratic institutions, laying the groundwork that allowed for the emergence of Trump and worse.

  3. Luke M Colson

    Incredible voice, one that is almost entirely overlooked by my generation. But one that WOULD resonate if heard more.

  4. Rita in MO

    THANK YOU, both David Barsamian & Ralph Nader, for calling out NPR’s falling into even-worse-than-commercial modes.

  5. Frank M. Spada

    I was riveted to your broadcast featuring Ralph Nader. His presentation was so clear and fascinating. That we are all being duped is abundantly clear and infuriatingly so! Thank you for such an interesting and informative program. I’ve been listening for years but felt compelled to comment this evening. I appreciate the opportunity to listen to diverse opinions on Alternative Radio. Thank you.

  6. Dana

    Nader is spot on especially about “public” radio. During the war in Iraq, I sent Scott Simon a get-well email in hopes that he would get over his war fever. He never did. And the fluffy coverage of Ronald Reagan’s death by Liane Hansen was totally void of any critical journalism or examination of his legacy. I could go on but yes, NPR, which was supposed to see us as citizens of a democracy sees us as passive consumers of goods and services.

  7. Robert in WI

    Great stuff, David. Ralph still has his fastball and is entirely engaged.

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