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  1. Elaine

    Amazing well presented perspective. I was a tenured professor at Brown for 18 years and can see where some of these ideas may have orignated, since Parsenti is a Brown grad. Although this is from 1984, it rings more than true today. Thank you Barsamian and AAR for letting ushear it again. Best reagarde to Parsenti.

  2. Clark Topper

    Absolutely excellent speech. It is as relevant today as it was in 1984. Ronald Reagan was president in 1984. We are blessed with Trump. That was a joke, people!
    I think it should have been called “Capitalism.” I wish he would give an AR talk on socialism.

  3. Bruce K

    Just heard this again on KALW and had to make an effort to review it. This is a very enlightening reminder of what is going on in our lives, that controls almost everything we do, and leaves us with less control over our lives and society than ever before. The United States is backing itself into a tyranny just as fast as it can get us to forget any aspirations of being free men. Listen to it. Listen to it again. Get others to listen to it, before we all forget what is really happening here.

  4. Mark

    I just heard much of this on the radio and need to hear the rest. A wonderful presentation of the human path and interaction with capitalism, contrasting the reality Vs the false perceptions promulgated by … who else but the capitalists themselves. A great introduction and a worth while listen even for veterans of the vanguard.

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