2 reviews for Conspiracy & Class Power

  1. Martin

    Like Jack, the echos of this talk by Parenti still follow me.

  2. Jack Frybulous

    It may sound like exaggeration for me to say that this speech of Parenti’s — recorded at Berkeley in the early 90s and sounding like it was made yesterday — is probably one of the single biggest influences on my thinking and the world around me over the past 20 years, esp. with the way that everyone has been trained to bandy about so dismissively the very _idea_ of conspiracy as a thing in itself. “Brothers and sisters,” Parenti says, “conspiracy is a very real thing, in fact it’s a concept IN LAW. People go to jail for it! Conspiracy means ‘planning of acting together in secret, esp. for an unlawful, or harmful purpose, often with the use of illegal means.” And it just gets better and better! Always give a listen to someone who is this knowledgeable of alternative perspectives, who can deliver the complex in an informal way, and who at the same time has a great sense of humor. Don’t miss it. Invite friends and colleagues for a listening party.

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