3 reviews for China, the U.S. & the New Cold War

  1. Shipra Shukla

    So it sounds like Vijay Prashad thinks the reports about forced sterilization and encampments among the Uighurs are overstated and “need further looking into” to get a true sense of what’s happening. What more do you need Vijay? Women are being sterilized and people are being forcibly removed from their homes and held in camps.

  2. Peggy Karp

    I just heard Part 2 on KRCB radio here in the Bay Area. Absolutely magnificent talk. Vijay covered the globe with a masterful, incredibly informed grasp of geopolitics. I was blown away. I have heard him a number of times on KPFA but didn’t fully realize how brilliant he was. Am ordering both parts. Thank you!

  3. john foges jr

    It is necessary to hear many intelligent pieces of information. Praahad is always valuable!!

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