5 reviews for Gimme Shelter: The Housing Crisis

  1. Annie

    I minister in Word and song at two missions in downtown LA two to three times a week, and it’s appalling to me to have to witness people living on the streets; but no one seems to have an answer to this problem. One of my fellow ministers told me that the missions just do not have the room to house everyone who comes through their doors. Then, I heard the last five minutes of Mr. Rameau’s lecture, and I realized that he does have the answer to the homeless problem. Mr. Rameau, Is there an organization in LA that I can get involved with?

  2. Birda

    Heard you on Alternative Radio. You said it so clearly and well. Never said better. It could make the stones weep…the mountains dance. I am ordering it and will pass it around. You are brilliant as life has brought you…the experience, vision…And the words come forth.

    Hopefully a few remain who are not deaf…
    Roberta Gould

  3. Douglas Tooley

    I was just tuning in as Mr. Rameau was beginning his speech and so missed a bit of it – but his general points regarding segregation/human rights and gentrification are important to reflect upon – as well as not completely consistent (gentrification decreases segregation, no?) That said, his solution of community land trusts is the way to go, though I personally would not want to live in a neighborhood that was 100% housing trust owned…

  4. Kathryn Elliott

    Providing the historical context for social movements and how it relates to homelessness and housing as a human right – brilliant, intelligent, and a call to action. A very substative talk for anyone who wants to see social change occur.

  5. Linda Jupiter

    Fabulous talk by Mr. Rameau. Completely brilliant thinker who is doing important, inspiring work.

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