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Afghanistan & Pakistan: Countries in Crisis

Program #RASA002. Recorded in Boulder, CO on February 16, 2004.

Audio sample:
Afghanistan and Pakistan, neighboring states, are both in a precarious situation. In Afghanistan, the leader is Hamid Karzai and in Pakistan it's Pervez Musharraf. They face huge internal problems. Both have been targeted for assassination. In Afghanistan, the Taliban are regrouping. Attacks are on the increase. Drug trafficking, largely curbed during Taliban rule, is way up. Warlords, who operate fiefdoms, challenge Karzai for power. And in Pakistan, Islamic parties have won electoral victories in two of that country's four provinces. Its top scientist and national hero Abdul Qadeer Khan has admitted to selling nuclear secrets to other countries. Khan was immediately granted amnesty. Critics say a deal was struck so that the Pakistan military would not be implicated.


Ahmed Rashid

Ahmed Rashid has been described as "the most influential journalist in the world." Based in Lahore, he has been reporting on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia for many years. His articles appear in leading newspapers and magazines all over the world. He is a guest on major TV and radio outlets. His book Taliban was an international best seller. He is also the author of JihadDescent into Chaos, and Pakistan on the Brink.

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