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  1. Mark Bird

    My maximum rating was only based on the clever intro with references to the Greeks and Dr. Strangelove. It is valuable that Alternative Radio covers the topic, as major media networks practice censorship on the topic. When was the last year, decade or century in which you heard a 60-minute documentary on nuclear weapons from MSNBC, CNN, or FOX? Everyone should be in agreement that nuclear weapons are a far more critical topic than the multiple hours spent on Britney Spears, Gabby Petito, Kyle Rittenhouse, or dozens of relatively trivial topics covered every year. Now I need to order a couple copies of the transcript.

  2. Doris in Berkeley

    Once again, you stand out among the various NPR programs. Thanks to you we got to hear Bruce Amundson and Lilly Adams speak about “Preventing Nuclear Apocalypse”. Many years ago, when Helen Caldecott was a mainstay of anti-nuclear activism, I volunteered hours of my time to help with the Nuclear Freeze Movement at their phone bank. Although too many Americans are ignorant about the continuing urgency to remain educated and vigilant about American policy re: our agreements, like ‘no first use’, we hope PSR will help spread the word about these issues. I’ve belonged to PSR for years. Thank you for your programming. We need you more than ever!

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