10 reviews for The South, Slavery & the Lost Cause

  1. V.E.LaBad

    I’m 82 from Virginia and knew a lot of this history but I learned much from this program. I’m sad when I think that my mom was born in 1921 when Tulsa was bombed. My great grandparents must have felt totally hopeless and the evilness. The blood is still on this land!

  2. Brenda Cave-James

    Talk about a driveway moment…I could not get out of my car after arriving home from a long evening’s work- until Mr. Robinson’s show ended. I THOUGHT (on the subject of Black history) I was more informed than many…Wow! I’m Ordering this program TONIGHT. My black blood boils at how American history has been cleansed and whitewashed….with the likes of Rush Limbaugh’s line of “history books”….Thank you.

  3. M Susan Cashel

    We just came home from a road trip through many of the civil rights memorials in the south and this talk was so helpful. Thank you. So much of this history is unknown or whitewashed. We have come a ways but still have a LONG way to go.

  4. Jodi A Blackburn-Roehl

    Very revealing especially about when many monuments were erected. Great talk that I could listen to many times to pick up more and more details.

  5. Sarah in Albuquerque

    Thank you for this program.

  6. Te’ zins (verified owner)

    Mr. J. Robinson, your words have finally rung the bell universally in America, which can relate to the phrase, “the truth hurts.” Yet hopefully now reveals why a lot of whites may not be so quick to blindly say- “The Truth Will Set You Free” when the Truth of Justice requires a reaching-within-collectively to understand ‘the massive Hurt on People of Color and whites – who know they’re a color too.

  7. Jack in OR

    Just sat rapt through Jeffrey Robinson’s talk. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing that to the airwaves.

  8. Ann in Colorado

    What an amazing show on racism in America.

  9. Ann Binder

    Great talk exposing the whitewashing of economic history–in this case the basis of U.S. wealth in the free labor of slaves; and the related white supremacist culture. The same has been done to labor history (it is not taught either; as though the largesse of corporations & some sort of vague automatic tendency toward progress brought us the 8-hour day & other labor rights.)

  10. Rebecca Hammer

    I appreciated this broadcast very much. As an elementary school teacher, I am absolutely determined to teach „social studies“ and history to our young people early on in a way that makes clear the reality of colonialism and slavery in this nation. Justice, inclusion, equality —all these things mean nothing if we begin learning about the world through a network of lies. Thank you, Jeffrey Robinson for your scholarship and work toward Justice for all.

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