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  1. Suzanne in Baltimore

    I’ve been a fan of David Suzuki for decades since I first heard him on Canadian Radio. He is a thoughtful, caring, humorous dear man. He educated all of us who listened, to caring for Mother Earth. He alerted us to the dangers of what humans were doing to the earth, and he is responsible for my becoming who I am. Thanks for broadening his U.S. audience! We’re all in this together.

  2. Heather Stewart

    Caught the show driving through Albany to Boston, the full moon on brilliant display. Thank you David and guests. Vandana Shiva spoke right to the heart of the issue—patriarchy is out of control. More love, compassion, reverence for each other and connection to earth. ❤️❤️❤️ Namaste

  3. Kerry

    This is utterly brilliant, and essential listening globally. This would help people globally understand more what is going on, and what to do. We know we are moving past gullibility, but this says it all in a nutshell. What we need to be able to do is to encourage people to realize that no-one is dropping in to save them, and why, and how to co-create to help all organize and get through the fear.

  4. Isiah C. White

    This was absolutely brilliant! I was listening in my car and had to get out during the hour, but got back as soon as I could. I’m getting the MP3 to catch the parts of the discussion that I missed. I didn’t know much about either of the principles (I had heard of David Suzuki, but that’s about it), but what they were laying down I was definitely picking up. TONS of things to think about…the direction we as a species are taking, how we’re out of rhythm was our ecosystem/environment, and how and why we got here! Just fascinating! The realization that really comes to the fore is that things DO NOT have to be the way they are….we (the masses) have the power to make the change, if we so choose!

  5. Jim in Boulder

    Another great show today. A rip-roaring talk by Shiva, of course, but Suzuki had a fiery side, too, not just ‘The Science Guy,’ that I imagined he was.

  6. Richard O Frazier

    Delivered with passion, “The Pandemic Wake-up Call” was the voice of truth, knowledge, and experience delivered in a wilderness of lies and greed. Vandana Shiva and David Suzuki gave us the language and the indisputable facts and it it up to every citizen of the world to take a big calm breath, clear their heads and go to work. The powerful obscenely wealthy few have already shown that they will trade the survival of their own grandchildren for the ugly wealth of today. There are more of us than there are of them and armed with the supreme nobility of Shiva, Suzuki, and a few others we will save the earth. Get the recording or the script of this program and spread the truth.

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