10 reviews for Interconnectedness

  1. listener in Albuquerque

    I liked Vandana Shiva’s discussion about the dominant design mechanization and the ancient indigenous one of interconnectedness and practice of biodiversity. She’s a great speaker.

  2. listener in NM

    Dr. Shiva’s insightful discussion about the design, mechanization and the ancient indigenous one of interconnectedness and practice of biodiversity was most enlightening. She is terrific.

  3. listener in CO

    Vandana Shiva is a sane voice in a crazy world.

  4. DrTCH

    Respectfully…Ms. Shiva is a WONDERFUL commentator, but I DO wish she’d include in her “Quantum” and “Holistic” approach some consideration of “Chem-Trails” and “HAARP ” manipulation of the ionosphere….and other components of “Geo-Engineering.” The “climate problem” is a MUCH broader one than simply CO2 = Climate Change (and related to a “mandate” to shift to non-petrol technologies). THANK YOU, Alternative Radio!!!

  5. AR Listener

    Vandana Shiva has a courageously fiery heart, well-informed strength of clarity and great pragmatic relevance to the health of all. She is the embodiment of heart, logic and active power.

  6. Andrea Doremus

    Vandana Shiva is so comprehensive and evidence-based, while still simple and clear. Profoundly challenging & terrifying in her diagnosis of our systemic failures, while offering hope in the form of practical solutions. Genius.

  7. Lynne Paz

    Impressive talk laying out the connections between the earth, agriculture, food, business and human intervention on thousands of years of the earth’s evolvement. Easy to understand and digest! Everyone on this planet should hear or read this!

  8. Anne in CO

    Thanks so much! Very inspiring!! What a woman!

  9. Eugenia Mitsanas

    Truth-telling, grounding, re-affirming. Thank you!

  10. John Rowe

    Disquieting, perceptive. Food supply importance is meaningfully highlighted.
    Can we rise to her challenge?

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