4 reviews for The Madness of Militarism

  1. Ike

    Really great information, and depressing as well. Good to know there are people putting out the message.

  2. Nev

    More people need to hear this!

  3. Elan

    This is a devastating program: even among other excellent news programs, it stands out. It portrays a morally bankrupt country, living in its own dream world — thinking it is the shining White Knight. Norman’s lecture leaves me feeling that in many ways, we deserve the crisis that we are in. Beginning with the indigenous People, destroying their bounty, then living off the sweat of enslaved Africans, and now committing untold atrocities in the name of Democracy and Justice across the world — when are we going to wake up?

    A fundamental change will have to take place in our values if we are going to survive much longer.

  4. Gift

    Da truth revealed

    I don’t use the term ‘People of Color, though.

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