3 reviews for The Anti-Democratic U.S. Constitution

  1. Jeff in Toronto

    Your Alternative Radio Paul Street program on CIUT/Toronto was the best radio I’ve heard in years. Our CBC has fallen into useless liberalism. It was invigorating to hear your broadcast. In solidarity.

  2. kathleen m. russell

    I had not yet heard a voice that did not promise a way out democratically, and revolt is quickly smashed, but consciousness at least is turning.

  3. Karen M Fitchitt (verified owner)

    It does appear indeed that we assume the Constitution to be a foundation for our way of life in America when of course it was written to support the few privileged white men who originally prepared it. In a time when the average white American income has reached $170,000, while the average black family income is stuck at $17,000, one-tenth is not enough. Likewise, another well made point of this discussion remains the need to review and amend the methods required to change this outdated privileged white man’s (capitalist merchants’) pedestal.

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