6 reviews for Media: Monetizing Anger

  1. Jane Glushik

    Thank you Matt Taibbi! We can only hope that your analysis and perspective indicate a burgeoning self-awareness in the American psyche.

  2. Mara in NM

    My husband and I particularly enjoyed hearing Matt Taibbi this weekend—lots of food for thought and concern. We love AR and the service you provide.

  3. David in Kingston, NY

    Great to hear Matt Taibbi on the genesis of contemporary media. What a lucid voice!

  4. JR Hanson

    I appreciated the historical perspective. Taibbi brought together observations in a compelling way.

  5. Anitra Brown

    I wish this were required listening. Excellent!

  6. Maura Quady

    Refreshingly objective, very informative. We can be more discerning about what we allow into our brains, just as we do choosing healthy versus junk food.

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