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Dateline: Tehran

Program #TALN001. Recorded in Tehran, Iran on February 08, 2007.

No doubt wanting to build on its "enormous successes" and "progress" (Cheney) in Iraq and Afghanistan the Bush administration is now threatening Iran with war. For the propaganda masters it's a dream. All they have to do is change the q in Iraq to an n and they are good to go. They can recycle the same scripts. Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler or Saddam or bin Laden or maybe all three combined. Iran is "a growing threat," the vice-president warns us. CNN's Glenn Beck says, "Iran is a global threat as big as we've seen since the Nazis." Interviewed by David Barsamian.


Nader Talebzadeh

Nader Talebzadeh (Nah-dir Tah-leb-zah-day) is an Iranian journalist, TV producer and host, and documentary and feature filmmaker. He is based in Tehran.

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