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  1. Joleen Quitugua

    I am still processing what I heard on the radio just now. In my 39 years, I have never heard a radio broadcast that was so unequivocally clear in it’s message. Mr. Sanho Tree’s discussion rang true and with such courage, that I simply had to post my two cents. My two cents is “Bravo” to Mr. Tree and all the powers that brought him to my 30 year old truck radio. Thank you, and I would yield the mike to you any day.

  2. Thomas Zaslavsky

    The details Mr. Tree tells us about how the “War” on drugs promotes illegal drug gangs and use are startling and make a powerful argument for a reversal of policy. We knew about the misallocation of “drug war” funds to policing instead of healing (drug treatment programs), but not about the rapid technological evolution that defeats the “drug war” and the southern border fence, and the degree to which the “War” is defeated by unemployment, poverty, and hopelessness in the neglected parts of our population.

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