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Virtual Equality: The Gay & Lesbian Movement

Program #VAIU001. Recorded in Denver, CO on March 02, 1996.

One's sexual preference or orientation has been elevated to a hot-button political issue. Anti-gay initiatives and amendments are introduced in various state legislatures and city councils. Self- appointed protectors of public morality, citing theological texts, rage against the evils of homosexuality. Despite vilification, stereotyping and sometimes violence, gays have emerged from the closet, never to return.


Urvashi Vaid

Urvashi Vaid, a native of India, is a community organizer and attorney. She was the Executive Director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. She was named one of Time Magazine's "50 for the Future," a list of America's most promising leaders age forty and under. Her book Virtual Equality was critically acclaimed. She is Director of the Policy Institute in New York.

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