3 reviews for Human Rights & Democracy in the Middle East

  1. Paul in LA

    So articulate. The best I have heard in ages!

  2. Terry Crogan

    I would like to echo Shellyann Holder’s commentary. I was quite attentive to her broad and erudite perspective of world affairs, especially how the global political players perpetuate power and control to the detriment of humanity. What a remarkable grasp and elucidation of the intricacies of world affairs.

  3. Shellyann Holder

    I was impressed with Mrs. Whitson’s knowledge. Her knowledge of the Middle East is one I could listen to all day, but more importantly, her overall intelligence on what is going on here and abroad should be heard by all of the leaders of this country and the world. She has been on the ground and her understanding of these nations’ cultures, institutions, and leadership is exceptional. Nobody speaks like her. Her authority on the subject of the Middle East is clear and powerful.

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