3 reviews for Gaza, International Law & the Biden Presidency

  1. From Paul in CA

    This Sara Lee (Sarah Leah) is better than the cake-making one. She’s wicked!!!

  2. Tom Germain

    Sarah Leah Whitson provides much needed clarity on the current war on Gaza and slaughter of innocent Palestinians by the state of Israel as well as compelling critique of the irrational policy of unconditional support for Israel by the U.S. I am a registered Democrat and supporter of President Biden, but I do not support this policy. Who can honestly say they support the killing of nearly 30,000 people (and climbing), 50% of whom are children? Why doesn’t the U.S. exert real pressure on Israel to stop this war? I highly recommend this interview with Whitson. It’s worth your time.

  3. Gordon

    “The Ugly American”

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