4 reviews for Occupy Wall Street & the Economic Crisis

  1. Ralph Munn

    Richard Wolff presents complex ideas in concise, cogent language. His logic and clarity make me want to try to audit one of his courses a UMass/Amherst, which is not far from my home!

  2. Tom Scholis

    I just listened to this on NPR in the Albany NY area and loved it. I’m a Bentley College Graduate from Waltham Ma. with 30 years of business experience. But you don’t need a degree in business or anything else to get what this is about. The facts were clearly presented. Fantastic!

  3. Kirstin

    I caught a fair portion of this program on my local NPR station last night and was very impressed. Richard Wolff gave invaluable, easy to understand insight into the political reasons behind our current financial climate. Many opponents of the occupy movement question – “what is the message?” I think this program gives listeners a complete and well supported answer to that question.

  4. Charlie

    I just listened to this show and have concluded that he is so full of shit that he needs to wash away his delusional bullshit with a preparation H cocktail. Let me add, Richard, that the “country” didn’t GIVE the one percent ANYTHING. How about they EARNED it. I’ve never been sickened by as much leftist socialist bullshit as presented in this show – unchallenged by the goober sucking it all in. You KNOW that the bullshit you are spewing has never worked anywhere in the world yet you still arrogantly spew this garbage as if it is a tried and true successful practice world wide. Capitalism work butt head and what you described is NOT capitalism. And I might add that the only thing hitting the fan is the bullshit spewing from your lying pie hole.

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