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    Rarely do I sit in my car, glued to a talk — however, Richard Wolff was lucid, cogent, and compelling in his review of the reasons for the development of US capitalism, and its
    Withdrawal from our soil/ the fervered if vain attempts to keep up by American workers/
    And suggested remedies from this point on…
    thank you! I have tried to explain these things to my young relatives-
    now I will buy the CD and give it to them. Thank you!

  2. Peter Edwards

    Dr. Wolff is one of our great, clear-thinking leaders into the economic future of our country, and he demystifies traditional economic theory so as to present a clear and, actually, realistic set of modifications to the status quo. His world-view is not unrealistic. Little by little, change may be possible.
    I would like to find some of his earlier lectures on CD so as to make gifts to friends who are not computer-savvy.

  3. Nasser

    It is really sad that for those very few that have something to say about today’s world, such as Richard Wolf, people have to pay to listen to!

  4. Tony

    All I can say is this guy is GREAT… I wish I could go and see him Live…. I’m gland we have people out there preaching to the sheep…

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