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  1. Mary Suda

    I am chiming in after reading the first review, which presumes to judge the entire hour on the very brief audio clip. Of course there is more – listen to the entire hour! Maude Barlow addresses this as a global crisis with far-reaching consequences. What is astounding is that the comodification of water, as it becomes scarce, is simply not being addressed. Here in the US, we have a presidential election looming, and not a word about it! Clean water is being depleted and polluted, which means it is not returning to an endless cycle of access and sustainability. I encourage all who think they are pro-life, pro-environment, pro-living to listen to this. Water is the source of life as we know it; without access to clean water, nothing else matters.

  2. Charles Warden

    The water issue is far more complicated than the clip fro Barlow would suggest. So long as water is treated as a common good with no one controlling its management and distribution, the common good will deteriorate from over use as populations increase. Once the government steps in it can vigorously but often foolishly set up a management scheme that is not sustainable. California is certainly a clear example. Africa is not a water tragedy foisted on Africans by big companies. It is a combination of climactic events and common good mismanagement at the local level. Will unregulated private ownership do better – probably not. So once again it calls for carefully and sensible management of private enterprise.

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