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  1. Muna

    Thank you Mr. Barmasian for this interview! Thank you Mr. Barhoush for helping the listener make sense of such a complicated issue! It is refreshing to hear such a rational and calm voice when discussing the Middle East. You connected the dots for me, and I’m sure for many others. Thank you for presenting historical facts, explaining the current situation, and giving us a glimpse of hope for the future. Knowing how all the pieces fit together in the Middle East is the only way to begin to understand this conflict and you made that possible; while highlighting the role of Western super powers, the suffering of Palestinians under the occupation, and the importance of protecting the environment and natural resources in the region.
    I highly recommend listening to this interview!

  2. Paul

    Listeners in metro-Atlanta were straightened by your broadcast concerning the history of the many Palestinians residents living in the Kingdom of Jordan on the east bank of the river Jordan.

  3. Richard Roberts

    I, as an American citizen, lived in Ramallah for 22 months starting in 2014. Mr. Barhoush
    speaks in an extremely calm and truthful voice. I saw and experienced the lives of Palestinians under the under Israeli occupation Even though I traveled in and out of Ramallah with my American passport the Israeli guards at the check points made my passage difficult. I can attest to the fact that Palestinians were treated much more harshly that I. This is a brutal occupation which I wish the American government would acknowledge and stop supporting.
    Thank you Mr. Barhoush

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