11 reviews for Why Iowa Matters

  1. Ivana in Northampton, MA

    I am thankful to be able to hear voices other than mainstream news media. I am fired up by Rev Barber’s activism. Thank you for having him and others on your program. The content on Alternative Radio gives me hope that intelligent, compassionate, dedicated people still exist in this country and we are finding each other.

    Thank you for your efforts!

  2. Roy Barber

    power to the people

  3. Dan Sadowsky

    That’s the speech we need! That’s the spirit that HAS to get into everyone with a soul. Rise UP!

  4. gael

    William Barber’s words hit home this morning. I will try to work harder toward equity and human justice.

  5. Valori Fussell

    Powerful speaker and on point. If we join together we can overcome the republicans and the democrats. They are standing on our necks and will grind us into the ground if we don’t stand up, stand together and claim our rights and dignity.

  6. Eugene Beil

    Great speech. I wish I had not missed the end of it.

  7. Carl Peterson

    I also heard his speech On WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa 1/28/2020. Very riveting. I was moved to tears and anger. He was spot on in every part of his speech. He makes me
    want to get off my dupa and head to the streets. I’m buying the CD and turning on my friends to this man. I especially liked his references to Nina Simone’s songs of rebellion.

  8. Jen Rosenstein

    Wow! Impassioned and moving! Heard it on 1/28/20 on WJFF

  9. Kathryn Lockett

    Heard speech on 88.5 January 28, 2020. Outstanding!!! Please VOTE.

  10. Barbara Coy


  11. Janna Bardi

    Tremendously motivating!

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