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  1. Listener in Connecticut

    Thank you for the excellent interview with Medea Benjamin. It was very informative and covered a lot of ground. I’m glad she said that we still must fight for the “crumbs” while working for overall system change. I’m also glad you asked her if she thought there was a connection between foreign war aggression and increasing domestic terrorism here. I think Americans learn from wars that solving problems by violence is the answer.

  2. Canada Listener

    Medea is a bundle of energy and full of valuable insights.

  3. Listener in Thailand

    Thanks for an excellent interview!

  4. Nalini in Canada

    Medea’s talk was excellent.

  5. Susan Healey

    I’m a fairly engaged Canadian but have never heard of Medea Benjamin before today’s show, which I listened to on CIUT FM. Her breadth of knowledge about global issues and politics made my jaw drop. There was not one issue or question raised that she knew only a little about…her responses were in-depth, perfectly articulated and, at least for those subjects that I know something about, right on the mark. Wow…I will be picking up some of her books. Thank you for this inspiring program.

  6. WA State Listener

    What a wonderful interview! I knew Medea Benjamin was a powerhouse, but what POWER!!

  7. Sandra in California

    Another great show!

  8. Anonymous

    Medea reminds us that the bloody Ukraine affair endangers the entire planet in three areas, 1) possible thermonuclear war with an associated nuclear winter, 2) possible breakout into WWIII, and 3) its impacts on Global Climate Chaos. She pointed to Russia’s terrible attack upon Ukraine and acknowledges the horrible consequences that get worse by the day. She also points to America’s part in this mess. Even though America’s part provided some explanation Russia is not forgiven for this grievous action. But the bloodshed must stop. Negotiations must take place. Neither Biden nor Blinken nor Austin have met to use diplomatic tools with their Russian counterparts. Now, is the time to sit down with all concerned parties. Talks will not end with the West prevailing, nor Ukraine, nor NATO, nor Russia. But the situation will be less dangerous and better when the shooting stops. Negotiations take place with adversaries.

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