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  1. aisha adamu

    I listened to his speech courtesy of Walden University library collections and i was most facinated by his revelations. Being a clinician myself and a student of public health the concepts he mentioned were both revealing and challenging. They are revealing because they touch on the wide gap in income between stratas of the society; his speech made me think about the situation in my country whee doctors are the most highly paid of all categories of health workers and yet their is still a thirst for higher pay. I believe it is the ego thing; being the most highly paid gives one the feeling of superioriy over others i gues. It was challenging in the sense that it required us to think about the causes of ill health in a completely different way. The emphasis on the cause of ill health being income disparity is a challenging (but insightful) concept.
    Overall it was a well written, researched, and presented paper and it is a resource public health professionals should have in their collection.

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